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Dirty Labs 'Get Messy' Campaign

Dirty Labs is a sustainable laundry detergent committed to clean cleaning. They tasked HE-Studios with creating a Holiday campaign to not only showcase their product, but also add a bit of cheeky fun. The result includes dalmatians, spaghetti, falling pies and is sure to put a smile on your face.

HE Studios handled he creative direction, video editng, copywriting, and post production for this ad campaign. It was shot by photographer and director Eli Schmidt. Jenny Wichman was our brave prop and wardrobe stylist who got more than a little messy. I hope you enjoy this campaign! I know we truly had a ton of fun making it.

The holidays are no time to worry about a little pomegranate juice on your turtleneck.

Our canine supermodels.

Who's hungry? Our models not only got messy, but got fed in the process!

Have you ever seen a laundry detergent look so beautiful?!

We had two dalmatians on set! their names were Kipper and Dare.

Cheers to a truly clean-clean.

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